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HEIGHT 1.75cm    BUST 80cm     WAIST 60cm     HIP 90cm    SHOE 39     HAIR Brown     EYES Blue

A native of Paraguay, Nadia Ferreira was born with congenital torticollis and diagnosed with Susac syndrome after losing her vision, hearing, and mobility on her left side for about a year and a half. 

After overcoming these difficult situations, she convinced herself to be an advocate, to speak up, and when she considered herself a community person, she volunteered as a Girl Scout troop leader. Then she earned the affection and recognition of Paraguay, having worked at TV by the age of 15. She focused on encouraging, inspiring, and motivating people as a social activist and collaborated with the nation's First Lady in various social assistance programs focused on improving the quality of life of her countrymen, such as the "Victoria" and "Ñapuake" projects and trying to transform the environment, she created her own sustainable clothing brand made by women who have suffered domestic violence.

She came to prominence in 2018 when the relatively unknown model was booked to walk for Custo Barcelona at NYFW 2018. Her big break came at the Miss Universe pageant in Israel, where she took the first runner-up place.

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